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Data Collection & Privacy Compliance

Gather critical intel on your audience and marketing efforts, in compliance with relevant data privacy laws and best practices.

Marketing data is worthless if it doesn’t respect your audience’s privacy rights.​

Gathering real-world feedback on how prospects and customers are interacting with your business online can yield invaluable insights and significant returns on investment. But unless that data is collected in a way that respects your audience’s data and privacy rights, your digital marketing efforts can go from a competitive advantage to a serious liability.

How does Kairos help?​​​

Understand the benefits of data collection and privacy compliance services for your organization.

Demonstrate respect for your customers, and their data rights

Prospects and customers need to be assured that their personal information is being gathered and used responsibly, at all stages of their customer journey. By providing clear policies on the collection, usage, and disclosure of marketing data, organizations can help build trust between themselves and their audiences.

Adhere to relevant privacy standards and legislation

Want to flip that toggle in Google Analytics to enable Demographics and Interest Reporting, or start building retargeting lists for your ad campaigns? Better make sure you’re meeting your obligations under PIPEDA first. 

Does your business rely on email marketing to keep existing customers engaged? Those subscriber lists will need to be CASL-compliant, both now and in the future. 

Is it possible for someone to access your website from anywhere in Europe? GDPR is the new gold standard in privacy protection globally – and yes, it directly affects your organization.

We’re not lawyers, but we have plenty of experience in helping marketing managers and other key stakeholders to identify and address their legal obligations and responsibilities when it comes to digital marketing practices.

Mitigate the risks of non-compliance

While it’s relatively rare for smaller businesses to face complaints under privacy law (and even rarer for those complaints to lead to a formal investigation), it’s usually better to exercise due diligence before a complaint is made than it is to plead ignorance afterwards. 

By offering and abiding by clear, concise policies on the collection, usage, and disclosure of personal information in your marketing efforts, your organization can work to avoid costly enforcement actions and/or administrative fines down the road.