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Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)​

Leverage your audience data to select and present the most effective ad creative possible.

Advertising speaks to your audience.
Does your creative say the right thing?​

Even before the days of Internet-based marketing, advertisers have long promised the ability to reach “the right person, with the right message, at the right time”. Now, thanks to the enormous wealth of information made possible through digital marketing, the advertising industry has never been closer to achieving that promise.

Online advertisers frequently rely on audience data when identifying “the right person” for their audience, and when choosing “the right time” for campaign exposure. Dynamic campaign optimization (or DCO) takes that data-centric approach one step further, by allowing data to help us determine “the right message” for any given ad impression.

How does Kairos help?​​​

Understand the benefits of dynamic creative optimization services for your organization.

Automated, data-driven creative decisioning

Dynamic creative optimization applies known attributes of a specific ad impression (for example, the names/prices of products added to a user’s shopping cart) in order to compose the creative to be served for that impression. You’ve probably seen DCO at work if you’ve ever browsed an ecommerce store, later finding the exact same products appearing in ads from the exact same online retailer.

Save on creative production costs

DCO enables marketers to create hundreds (sometimes even thousands) of unique ad variations, often through the use of existing assets such as your online product imagery and inventory databases. A more traditional approach to design would require extraordinary investments of both time and money to achieve a similar degree of creative customization.

Increase campaign engagement and performance

Campaigns adopting a DCO approach tend to achieve higher clickthrough rates, stronger audience engagement metrics, and an overall better return on advertising spend (ROAS) than those relying on more traditional forms of creative selection and optimization.