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Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)​

Apply the scientific method in order to drive more valuable interactions with your audience.

Are you making the most of the audience you already have online?​

As digital marketers, we sometimes forget that customers are a finite resource. Because web-based marketing offers so many new ways of reaching and engaging with our prospective clients, audience growth is typically the simplest – and most effective – means of achieving our broader marketing goals.

How does Kairos help?​​​

Understand the benefits of conversion rate optimization services for your organization.

Determine key factors impacting your conversion rates

A properly designed CRO experiment enables you to assess the impact of specific changes to your website (or “variants”), while controlling for other contributing variables such as timing, seasonality, or audience composition.

Keep what’s working; change what isn’t

By making small, iterative changes to the design of a website, marketers are able to test whether or not those changes have a positive impact on conversion rates. This approach can often prove more effective than a comprehensive site redesign, as it mitigates the risk of introducing new conversion barriers into the user experience.

Boost your conversions…whatever they may be

“Conversion” is sort of a tricky buzzword – its definition changes depending on who you ask. For our purposes, think of conversions as “significant visitor interactions, under observation”. In the case of your website, these interactions might include contact form submissions, ecommerce purchases, file downloads, or even having visitors reach a threshold of engagement with your site’s content.

Conversion rate optimization aims to drive measurable increases in the rate at which your site’s visitors complete these key interactions – regardless of how you define them.