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Custom Analytics Configuration​

Move beyond standard web analytics and gain insight into key customer interactions online.

Do web analytics inform all of your key marketing decisions? They should.​

Website analytics can provide invaluable insight into the performance of your online marketing efforts. By now, most marketers are comfortable in navigating their preferred analytics suite in order to evaluate audiences, content and engagement. 

How does Kairos help?​​​

Understand the benefits of custom analytics configuration services for your organization.

Gain new insights into your digital marketing

Customizing your web analytics enables your organization to look at its clients in a whole new way. You’ll be able to gather fresh insights, and recognize trends in engagement, sales performance, and the effectiveness of various marketing efforts.

Learn what’s working online, and what isn’t

Attribution has always been a major challenge for marketers, even with the vast wealth of audience data modern web analytics suites provide. To understand the impact and significance of all marketing channels in customer engagement, marketers often need to go beyond “default” analytics solutions.

Integrate web analytics with other business-critical data

You don’t need any more tabs cluttering up your browser screen. By connecting web analytics data to other key marketing datasets – advertising platforms, email management software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems – digital marketers are able to find more of the answers they need, all from one centralized reporting suite.

Enable smarter, more effective decision-making

Not sure where to add (or pull) budget from your advertising campaigns? Wondering where your time is being spent most effectively, and which projects are proven time-wasters? With a properly configured web analytics suite, marketers are able to make the tough decisions while relying on detailed, credible knowledge of their efforts and their impact.