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Advertising Operations (AdOps)​

Deliver effective campaigns across all paid digital channels, including paid search, display, video, and social media advertising.

AdOps makes digital advertising happen. Simple as that.​

Today’s online marketer needs to reach audiences across channels, platforms, devices, and contexts. They want to be able to tailor their messaging to every audience, and they demand clearer metrics on campaign performance. Thanks to widespread adoption of programmatic advertising, marketers now find themselves competing – in real time – for every impression.

How does Kairos help?

Understand the benefits of AdOps services for your organization.

Search advertising

One of the earliest forms of web-based advertising, paid search ads allow marketers to embed their message alongside organic search results for specific search queries made by their target audience. Paid search advertising has proven to be as effective as it is competitive, requiring AdOps pros to stay up-to-date with emerging trends and functionality in order to fully leverage this channel.

Display advertising

Online display, or “banner advertising”, actually preceded search ads by about half a decade (depending on who you ask). The channel has also seen far more change over the years, with today’s display advertisers placing a far greater emphasis on issues such as ad viewability and other engagement metrics, reputational factors such as the context and placement of their brand’s display ads, and combatting ad fraud in order to avoid wasted spend.

Video advertising

Online video advertising has seen explosive growth in recent years, already accounting for roughly one-quarter of all digital advertising spend in North America. Paid video comes with its own key metrics and targeting criteria, requiring unique AdOps knowledge and skillsets to take full advantage of this channel’s potential benefits.

Social media advertising

Paid social ads appear within the “walled gardens” of social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the like. Although functioning similarly to paid display or paid video channels (from an AdOps perspective, at least), social media platforms can offer unique ad formats and opportunities for audience engagement, while allowing advertisers to target their campaigns based on the platform’s own, first-party user data.