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Website Reporting & Analysis​

Move beyond vanity metrics, and get the insights you need to make smarter decisions.

Collecting the right data is one thing. Turning information into insight is another.​

Digital marketers have access to a wealth of facts, statistics and datapoints which can help to inform their organization’s marketing strategies, tactics, and other vital business decisions. Indeed, many marketers struggle not with a lack of access to analytical data about their organization’s online presence, but with understanding how to best analyze and interpret the data they already have.

How does Kairos help?​​​

Understand the benefits of website reporting & analysis services for your organization.

Give context to your online marketing data

Analytics don’t exist in a vacuum. To fully understand what the data is trying to tell you, it’s essential for marketers to know which metrics are most relevant to a given question, and to compare their performance along these metrics against reliable benchmarks from across the industry, as well as their own historical data.

Educate and inform your marketing team

We believe that every analysis of your marketing data should be an opportunity for further learning and professional development. More than simply stating which way the numbers are trending, analytics reporting should help to explain why those trends are happening, and which factors are having the most significant impact on the success or failure of your marketing efforts.

Build consensus among key stakeholders

Organizational decisions require team-members with different (sometimes, opposing) priorites to commit to a specific course of action. Even once you’ve identified marketing challenges and decided on an ideal solution, your efforts can be frustrated if you’re unable to secure buy-in from other stakeholders.

Data analysis can help to make your case and build organizational consensus by providing summaries, data visualizations, and interpretations of the raw numbers which digital marketers work with every day.

Enable smarter, evidence-based decision-making

Analytics reporting shouldn’t just be something that lands on your desk every month; it should be capable of guiding and influencing virtually every marketing decision you make for your organization. If you aren’t finding the answers you’re looking for in your reporting, let us know; if the underlying metrics and data are in place, we’ll tailor our reporting to your needs. If they aren’t, we’ll discuss next steps in order to find those answers.