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Media Campaign Reporting & Analysis​

Understand the return on your digital ad investment across a range of channels, objectives, and relevant performance benchmarks.

Where is your ad spend working, and where is it being wasted?​

Much like the performance of your organization’s website(s), its online advertising campaigns can be analyzed across a range of KPIs – not just raw impressions or clickthrough rates, but also metrics dealing with viewability, reach and frequency, auction competitiveness, return on ad spend, and others. Insights from experienced AdOps professionals can help to build a clearer picture of where your digital advertising is proving effective, and where to focus your next optimization efforts.

How does Kairos help?​

Understand the benefits of campaign reporting & analysis services for your organization.

Assess campaign performance against relevant benchmarks

While objectives and metrics can vary between online advertising channels, each contributes in its own way to your organization’s overall marketing goals. Comparing the performance of advertising campaigns against historical performance and/or industry benchmarks helps paint a clearer picture of the impact of digital advertising investments.

Identify your most effective campaign tactics

Budget allocation – deciding where to invest your paid media spend, and how much to invest in each paid channel – is a crucial factor in any online advertising strategy. Ongoing, routine campaign reporting keeps you informed on which channels and tactics are proving most effective, and may even benefit from additional investment.

Review and adjust campaigns mid-flight

Analytics don’t exist in a vacuum. To fully understand what the data is trying to tell you, it’s essential for marketers to know which metrics are most relevant to a given question, and to compare their performance along these metrics against reliable benchmarks from across the industry, as well as their own historical data.