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Our Approach

Get to know us a little better.

Our Core Values

Four key values underpin everything we do at Kairos Media – from the way we interact with prospective clients, to how we approach their business challenges.

◎ Curious

We don’t chase unicorns, but we do keep an ear out for the sound of hooves. Our team constantly seeks to expand its industry knowledge and expertise, exploring the latest opportunities and best practices.​

◎ Transparent

When you choose to work with Kairos Media, we won’t ask you to hand over the keys and trust us on the rest. We strive to ensure that our clients retain ownership of their marketing assets, and maintain visibility into the work we’re doing through them.​

◎ Collaborative

You know your business; we know ours. If you want to try something new or have unique needs, let us know – we’ll give you our take, grounded in professional experience. If we think we’ve found a better way to achieve your goals, we’ll discuss the details with you before moving forward.​

◎ Evidence-Based

There’s an old saying that marketers waste half of their money; the real problem is, they’re not sure which half. If you aren’t gathering reliable data on the performance and results of your marketing efforts, our first priority is to ensure that your decisions can be backed by solid, credible evidence.​

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the more common questions we hear from prospective clients

Cool name. What’s it mean?

Thanks! “Kairos” (pronounced ‘KYE-ross’) comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘καιρός’, and is closely related to ‘χρόνος’ (or “Chronos”).

“Chronos” refers to time in the sequential, quantitative sense, whereas “kairos” – which has no direct equivalent in modern English – is often translated as “the opportune moment for action”.

Walk me through a typical project. What should I expect, working with you?

Our approach is modeled after the “Deming cycle” method for making iterative, incremental improvements to a process or product.

When working with a new client, we like to start with an audit of the organization’s current marketing practices – most importantly, we want to understand what data is currently available to them when making marketing decisions, and how exactly this data is being collected.

From there, we move on to planning and strategizing how best to achieve the client’s marketing objectives, based on the available data and key performance indicators agreed upon between ourselves and our client.

Once we know what we aim to achieve, how we aim to achieve it, and how the success/failure of those efforts will be assessed, we move on to the execution phase. With accurate data collection in place, we’re able to monitor and report on which tactics are moving the needle, and which may need to be adjusted.

Finally, once we’ve executed our strategy and gathered feedback on the results, we’ll be in a position to make optimizations and recommend adjustments to the current marketing strategy. This final step feeds into the next project iteration, leading to improved results in each successive project cycle.

We have a Very Big Deal coming up in two weeks. Can you handle the “digital” side of things?

Prospective clients often come to us with specific, time-sensitive marketing initiatives in mind – most frequently, they’re about to launch a new advertising campaign, or want to increase conversions through their online platforms during a key time in their marketing calendar.

While we’re comfortable hopping into a project in the execution phase, we often find some key elements necessary to delivering the strongest possible results may not yet be in place. In those situations, we’ll use the tools at our disposal and work with what we’re given; if nothing else, our involvement in “one-off” projects can often lead to a clearer understanding of the client’s marketing practices, any specific areas of concern, and potential avenues for improvement.

That all sounds fine – what’s it going to cost me?

Agency pricing is often a closely-guarded secret. It can be virtually impossible to get a sense of what you should expect to pay for most agency’s services, without enquiring directly and ending up on a sales rep’s call-list for weeks.

We’ll save you the hassle. For project-based work, we typically bill at a rate of $175 CAD per project hour for most of our strategic services (excluding media costs). We arrived at that figure based on recent surveys of digital marketing agency rates worldwide, combined with what we know of the local agency landscape. 

While we feel this rate is highly competitive with comparable service providers in the market, we also believe that our team’s knowledge and skills enable Kairos to complete projects in fewer production hours than most, resulting in lower project quotes overall.